Cruelty Free Friends!

As time ticks on,  Astonish is making friends everyday, through our Twitter site, facebook and Instagram pages.  We love making new friends and customers who share the same beliefs that we do, and that is making sure we purchase/produce products that are never tested on animals, and in fact do not have any meat or animal produce in the formula.

This is no "Gimmick" or Selling trick.  Astonish has been producing Vegan, cruelty free products since the late 60's.  It all started with one tub of cleaning paste, no fumes, no harmful chemicals,  just a plain and simple wonder paste!  Over 40 years later, the same product is now the flagship cleaner for the whole range, which has now reached the 70 mark.  Thank you everyone who has become a fan of Astonish, and we will always strive to do our best to create high quality, low cost products, that are safe to use, biodegradable and of course, not harming any living animal or insect in the process! 

We have an exciting future ahead, which includes new products, hand washes, laundry liquids as well as updating our current range! Please stick with us, lets clean up the world together! 

Ocado stocks Astonish!

A question that pops up quite often is "where can I buy Astonish from?"  Apart from the Astonish on-line store, there are quite a few outlets that stock Astonish, around the UK, and of course via our export business, around the world.  In the UK, you can now purchase Astonish on-line via Ocado.  They carry a nice range of our key products, including the oven and cookware cleaning paste.  This year, we are planning on selling the Astonishing Pro range in all the Waitrose stores across the UK, if you haven't tried the pro range, please give it a try, the Pro Paste is a specially formulated cleaning paste with added ingredients including essential oils and an antibacterial formula, perfect for the kitchen where food is often prepared.